The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans (NCCPA) is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit educational organization dedicated to increasing awareness about the history of the Constitution in America and its relevance in the daily lives of its citizens. The NCCPA was formed after the collective agreement of various Patriot Groups around the country drafted an agreement to build this coalition. This has created the flexibility to have a broader reach, deeper impact and higher visibility than could be attained by a single organization.

Mission Statement

The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans mission is to restore the United States to our Constitutional government through peaceful
and lawful measures. We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the meaning, message and mission of the Constitution and its relevance in the
everyday lives of American citizens.

Vision Statement

Our vision for America, is to inspire everyone in America to think about their role as American citizens. America and Her people were blessed with more
freedoms, liberties and rights than any other nation in history. They are indeed what has set this nation apart from all others. With these freedoms,
liberties and rights, also comes the responsibility or duty of Her citizens to maintain them. A government for the people by the people becomes
dysfunctional when a segment of the population, for whatever reason, stops being engaged. There are many groups and organizations that recognize this country has reached a place that our constitution never intended and are working diligently to correct the course through a variety of measures. The
NCCPA wishes to provide a safe place for our community to view all the many facets of American patriotism. In so doing, we hope each person will find their own definition of patriotism and feel inspired to act on it.