Gun Grabbers are Out of Control in Florida!

The Gun Grabbers in Florida are at it again!  This time they’re looking to infringe further than any state has gone before.  The Florida Ban on Military-Style Firearms and Disqualifications for Firearm Possession Initiative (Initiative #18-03) may appear on the ballot in Florida as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 3, 2020.

This measure attacks everything from 22 lr plinkers to hunting rifles, and they’re not even hiding it.  If this measure passes, it will be the widest sweeping gun control initiative to pass in any state, and it would have been done with a Constitutional Amendment.   The ramifications of that are more severe than just legislation.  Legislation can easily be repealed or vetoed, but a constitutional amendment is much harder, and longer lasting.  We must stand and help defeat this initiative rather than just be complacent and assume that “it will never pass”.   The time for relying on the NRA to step in like a super hero rather than fighting for our selves is long past.  We saw with the passing of Red Flag laws in many states, that they can only do so much.

It is time for us to stand and take control of our own fates, grassroots style.  It’s time for We the People to stand and make a difference, dollar at a time.

One Committee is committed to standing up, and needs our help!  They plan on attacking this measure with ads on tv, radio, the internet, printed material, and presenting their own ballot measures to further protect the 2nd from additional attacks.  We would like our members to help.  You can help by clicking on the link below to stop Initiative 18-03

Click here to help Stop Initiative 18-03